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          在电子游戏 - 宝马电子游戏app的综合肿瘤中心是电子游戏琼森综合癌症中心和电子游戏肿瘤的一部分。要了解更多有关的研究机会和医疗肿瘤护理请访问这些网站。


          电话:(310)794-6644 传真:(310)794-9615
          周一 - 周五:上午8:00 - 下午5:00 SAT - 太阳:关闭
          电子邮件 simmsmanncenter@mednet.ucla.edu

          见解癌症 - 2019年12月10日


          约书亚·科恩,MD和戈特弗里德ē呈现。 Konecny的,MD


          Gynecological cancers include ovarian, uterine, endometrial, cervical and vulvar cancer; ovarian cancer is the most common of these diseases. This talk presents the latest information on both surgical and medical oncology treatments for these diseases with an emphasis on ovarian cancer. While surgery is often the first line approach, primary treatment can and often includes additional systemic therapeutic approaches. In recent years, these systemic approaches have gone beyond traditional chemotherapy to include new generations of novel treatment strategies that target specific growth-promoting pathways and offer a more focused and personalized approach. In this lecture Drs. Cohen and Konecny explore both surgical and systemic treatments within each of these diseases. They present both traditional successful strategies and newer approaches to halt the growth of this cancer through immunotherapy techniques and antibody treatments to reduce blood vessels and nutrients reaching the tumors.


          约书亚·科恩,MD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and is a gynecologic oncologist with specialized training in complex pelvic surgery. He has completed a fellowship in the treatment of women with gynecologic cancers including uterine, ovarian, cervical, and vulvar cancer. Dr. Cohen is an expert in tumor cytoreduction and minimally invasive surgery including the use of robotics in cancer care. He has distinguished himself in gynecologic cancer research and has completed the Clinical Research 训练 Program at the National Institutes of Health as well as the Clinical and Translational Science Institute certificate program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. His research interests include the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer and patient-centered outcomes in gynecologic oncology. He serves patients in the greater Los Angeles area with offices both in Westlake and Westwood.

          戈特弗里德即Konecny的,MD 是医学的血液学分工教授/肿瘤在电子游戏医学大卫格芬医学院,是肿瘤科医生在妇科肿瘤专业培训。他还指导了电子游戏妇科肿瘤平移肿瘤学研究项目。它是在癌症医学他的基本/临床转化研究,开发用于诊断为乳腺癌,子宫内膜癌,卵巢癌和宫颈癌患者的新型靶向治疗策略的主要目的。这些努力植根于理解是乳腺癌,子宫内膜癌,卵巢癌和宫颈癌治疗已经开始从一种尺寸移适合所有的方法来个性化的方法,其中每个病人,根据在肿瘤的具体的遗传缺陷处理。他的计划是在使用最新和最有效的技术,他是多个国际临床试验的主要研究者,并在过去3年一直担任程序委员会率先在妇科肿瘤临床肿瘤学美国社会的年会上执导。他看到患者在Westwood。


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